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Welcome to Xen!

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Game Developers Beware: Trying Xen might cause you to never use XNA without it!

What's Xen?

The Xen Framework is a set of libraries that provides and extends XNA 4.0 functionality to make game development easier and faster while producing clean, maintainable code. Xen frees you up to spend more time building your game.

Xen currently provides 3 libraries to help you write your game quickly, cleanly, and garbage-free for multiple platforms (PC, Xbox, Phone, and Web)

There are 5 main goals to Xen, which work against each other (e.g. performance vs. code readability) and Xen tries to strike an optimal balance between them to provide you with the ability to efficiently write elegant yet performant code.
  1. Decrease the time it takes to build a game
    • Rendering Static and Animated Sprites
    • Drawing Primitives (Lines, Pixels, Shapes)
    • Collision Detection (Simple and Complex Polygons)
    • Math/Tween Functions
    • Scenes and Layers with explicit draw orders
    • Camera/Viewport manipulation
    • Physics Engine Plug-in
    • Scripting (Not Yet Available)
    • Game-state and Script Serialization/Deserialization (Not Yet Available)
  2. Solve common game development problems
    • Scene Management
    • Layering UI and game world
    • Routing Input (Not Yet Available)
    • Local and Global Sprite/Text Transformations
    • Separation of Visual and Physical Extents
    • Debug rendering of extents
    • Hierarchical Element Structure
    • Transitions and Keyframes
  3. Introduce best practices for performance
  4. Be reliable
    • Well-tested with a full set of unit tests
    • Built on itself to extend its functionality
    • Numerous functional demos with source code
    • Growing portfolio of real games built using Xen
  5. Ubiquitious deployment
    • Use the same code for multiple platforms (PC, Xbox, Phone, Web)
    • Preserve Xen performance across platforms

Why Should I Use It?

It's FREE, EASY-TO-USE, and it makes your programming FASTER and BETTER!

How Do I Use It?

Download the Xen Initial Release (Beta Update 1) and check out our Documentation for information.

Where Can I Get It?

Xen Initial Release (Beta Update 1)!

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