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Building Xen

To begin building and changing Xen, please follow the instructions:

1. Download the Source Code
Download the source code from the source code tab at the top of this page and extract the contents. Open Xen.sln in Visual Studio 2010 (if you do not have VS2010 Ultimate, the test projects will not load).

2. Select the projects you need
By default, all Xen libraries are built in all four variants: C# dll, XNA game library (for Windows, Xbox360, and Windows Phone). Due to some issues in Visual Studio, this causes some false build errors. Once the solution is open in Visual Studio, go to Build -> Configuration Manager to configure which version of Xen you would like to use. For example, if you want to use Xen on Xbox 360, select the XenAspectsXbox360, Xen2DXbox360, and XenGameBase_Xbox360 libraries to be built (uncheck all the other Xen project variants).

3. Select the demo you would like to build
Also in configuration manager, select the demo you would like to build and uncheck all others. Aside from the Xen libraries, we recommend you build only a single demo at a time. This is because XNA deploys the content binaries to the latest demo that was built, not necessarily the one that is set as the startup project. This can cause the demo to build successfully but crash when run due to lack of content.

Known Issues

Issue: Rebuild all results in many "does not implement inherited abstract ..." errors in the XenGameBase_Silverlight projects.
Explanation: As far as we can tell, this is a Visual Studio/Compiler issue due to the large variety of platforms we are building against. This usually only happens when more than one Xen assembly needs to be rebuilt.
Resolution: Right click the project you want to run and click rebuild from the context menu.

Issue: Demos crash with uncaught exception.
Explanation: This can happen when multiple games reference the same content project and are being built in one pass. The generated content pipeline binaries are only deployed to the last-built project. The crash is due to failure to resolve the content references.
Resolution: Build only one demo at a time by deselecting all others in Build -> Configuration Manager. You can also right click the game you want to run and click Debug -> Start New Instance from the context menu.

Issue: Demo/Game shows message box that the HiDef profile is not supported and then exits.
Explanation: This occurs when XNA's target profile is set to HiDef but the graphics card on the machine does not meet the minimum DirectX requirements.
Resolution: Right click the project and select Properties from the context menu. Under the "XNA Game Studio" tab, select "Use Reach to access a limited API set supported by Windows Phone, Xbox 360, and Windows." If the issue still persists, then your graphics card sucks too much to run XNA games. Sorry.

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