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Xen In Action

Take a look at some of Xen's demos!

Tweens on Windows Phone

This demo visualizes the various interpolation functions and uses the performance timer to display runtime statistics on-screen using garbage-free string rendering.

Animated Sprite

This demo takes an explosion sprite sheet and displays it where the mouse was pressed.

Composite Extent

This demo displays two sprites using Xen, which individually have extents (including bounding boxes and circles), and also shows the extent composed of the extents of the two sprites.

Complex Polygon

This demo shows a complex polygon with various concave properties, with the extent and point-in-polygon testing of the red point.

Viewport Demo in Silverlight

This demo is using the Viewport class to move, zoom, and rotate the view, which makes all of the sprites display relative to the current viewport.

Mouse Basics

This demo shows a custom mouse cursor sprite.

Farseer Plugin - Stacked Objects

This demo applies physics engine behavior to a grid of boxes simply by adding the plugin dll to the directory. (Note: The plugin is still in-development)

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